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I authorize Epoxy Systems, Inc. to charge my credit card number and I agree to the following:


Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping. Many of our products are made on an individual order basis. We will make every effort to ship your order in a timely way. However, because we have no control over the shipping companies once the product leaves us, there is no guaranty made by Epoxy Systems, Inc. as to the delivery date. Unless authorized in writing by Epoxy Systems, Inc., there are no returns on items purchased on this order, once the order has been “processed”. For the sake of this agreement “processed” is defined as once the order is prepared to be shipped, or if the order has to be made, once production of the product is started, whichever is first. In the event of authorized returns a restocking charge will be charged in the amount of 30% of the value of the material returned or $150 whichever is greater.  All Returns are for merchandise (store) credit only, no cash or credit card credits.  In the event of a return, buyer is responsible for the cost of shipping and handling in both directions.

All damaged shipments must either be refused or signed for with details of the damage documented (upon delivery) for us to place a damage claim with the shipper.  No replacement of damaged material will be used unless this has the shipment is signed for as damaged or refused from the trucking company by the customer when the product is delivered.

All products proven to be defective in manufacture will be replaced at no charge. Since the use of these products is beyond the control of Epoxy Systems, Inc. ("Epoxy.com") we cannot assume any risk or liability for results obtained, nor can we accept damages in excess of the purchase price of these products. Epoxy.com’s warranty applies  to products (when properly stored) for the period of time as follows (unless otherwise noted on a specific product's Technical Data Sheet): Epoxies, one (1) year; Polyesters, Methyl Methacrylates and Polyurethanes Three (3) months; Power Tools and Equipment 30 days; Vinyl Esters and all other resins (not specifically mentioned above) 60 days. Epoxy.com warrants that its products will be free of manufacturing defects when handled, stored, mixed and applied in accordance with recommendations of Epoxy.com. If any product fails to meet this warranty, the liability of Epoxy.com will be limited to replacement of any non-conforming material if proof of such non-conformity is given to Epoxy.com within the warranty period for the material (as indicated above), or within 1 year of the delivery of materials (whichever is sooner). Epoxy.com may in its discretion refund the price received by Epoxy.com in lieu of replacing the material. No customer, distributor, or representative of Epoxy.com is authorized to change or modify the published specifications of this warranty in any way. No one is authorized to make oral warranties on behalf of Epoxy.com. In order to obtain replacement or refund the customer must provide written notice containing full details of the non-conformity. Epoxy.com reserves the right to inspect the non-conforming material prior to replacement. EXCEPT FOR THE EXPRESSED WARRANTY STATED ABOVE, THERE ARE NO OTHER WARRANTIES, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR PURPOSE. Epoxy.com's OBLIGATION SHALL NOT EXTEND BEYOND THE OBLIGATIONS EXPRESSLY UNDERTAKEN ABOVE AND Epoxy.com SHALL HAVE NO LIABILITY OR RESPONSIBILITY (AND THE PURCHACER SHALL INDEMNIFY AND HOLD EPOXY SYSTEMS, INC. HARMLESS) TO THE PURCHASER FOR ANY THIRD PARTY FOR ANY LOSS, COST, EXPENSE, DAMAGE OR LIABILITY, WHETHER DIRECT OR INDIRECT, OR FOR INCIDENTAL OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES.