Epoxy.com Product #216

Two Component Coal Tar Epoxy


Epoxy.com Product #216 Coal Tar Epoxy Coating Resin System is a two component coal tar epoxy coating, black in color, used to protect steel, concrete structures, timber, and other construction materials in corrosive environments. It meets all requirements of Corp. of Engineers C-200, Federal Specification DOD-P-23236 (SHIPS), and SSPC 16-91.


Epoxy.com Product #216 Coal Tar Epoxy Resin Coating System is manufactured in a convenient 1:4 ratio, "A" to "B", and can be applied to steel, concrete, timber, or to other construction materials. To meet the above referenced specifications, two coats are recommended at 10 mils wet film thickness or 8 mils dry film thickness. The cured coating is flexible and affords excellent resistance to impact, thermal shock and abrasion. It cures to a hard, smooth surface, possesses exceptional resistance to immersion in salt water, or in water where an altered pH condition is present.


Recommended for coating of tanks, piping, sheet piling, foundation walls and sumps. Also suitable for concrete and steel surfaces in sewage treatment plants, paper mills and chemical plants. Excellent for below grade surfaces.


Solids 84%
Pot Life 4 Hours @ 72F
Dry Time @ 72F
Tack Free 4 - 6 Hours
Handle 6 - 12 Hours
Recoat 16 - 24 Hours
Shelf Life 2 Years
Resin Type   Epoxy Polyamide


Concrete - For best results on concrete, light sandblasting or other suitable surface preparation is recommended. Compressed air is used to remove residual dust. Any compressed air should be oil free. Apply only to dry surfaces.

Steel - Steel surfaces which are to receive Epoxy.com Product #216 Coal Tar Epoxy Resin Coating should be prepared by abrasive blasting to a commercial gray metal (SP-6) standard. Any surface blasted should be coated the same day. If prepared surfaces are contaminated by rust or other contaminants, they must be reblasted.


Add entire contents of "A" Component to "B" Component. Mix with 1/2" slow speed drill (300 to 600 rpm) with Epoxy.com MIXING PADDLE for a minimum of three (3) minutes. The 1 "A" : 4 "B" permits mixing of small quantities as long as the ratio is maintained. Let the mixed "A" & "B" stand 10 minutes before application.


For best results, apply two (2) coats of Epoxy.com Product #216 Coal Tar Epoxy Coating  by brush, roller or spray. If spray applied, airless-type equipment is preferred. First coat should be applied at a thickness of approximately 10 mil and allowed to cure tack-free. Second coat should be applied at a rate of approximately 10 mil within 72 hours. If longer delay occurs, scrub first coat with MIBK, and wipe dry with clean cloth before applying second coat.


At an 8 mil dry film thickness, one gallon of Epoxy.com Product #216 Coal Tar Epoxy Coating will cover approximately 160 square feet per gallon.


Packaged for convenient mixing. Available in 5 gallon units. Six gallon pail contains 4 gallons of Component "B" in bottom of pail with 1 gallon of Component "A" on top. The slightly larger containers permit sufficient room for mixing in the can without spilling. Special orders can be packaged in 55 gallon drums.


DANGER! FLAMMABLE! Contain Xylene. Keep away from heat, sparks and flame. Avoid breathing vapor. Use with forced air ventilation in confined areas. Avoid contact of resin or hardener with the skin or eyes. In case of skin contact, remove with soap and water or waterless hand cleaner. In case of eye contact, flush immediately with plenty of water and consult a physician. Do not take internally.